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Chaotic Graphix

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20th August 2007

chaotic_vanity8:28pm: Promoting pirate_lims!
Sign ups are happening now until August 24 =)

27th May 2007

chaotic_vanity6:14pm: MOVING!
Hey everybody!

This is just to announce that I'm moving communities, to whathaveyoufelt. If you want to keep up with updates, please feel free to join the new community. It's for my writing and my graphics, and at the moment it's all writing stuff. I should be updating with some new icons tomorrow though! Thanks for sticking around all this time and I hope to see you at whathaveyoufelt. :)


--♥ Maggie
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15th April 2007

chaotic_vanity8:38pm: Harry Potter Icons - DH, Snape, Sirius, Harry
[12] Deathly Hallows Cover Art
[3] Snape
[1] Sirius
[1] Harry

Comments are loved.
Please credit chaotic_vanity or chaotic_graphix.
Don't edit.

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25th February 2007

chaotic_vanity11:47am: tutorial :)
This to this

In PSPX. Probably translatable.

Requested by __braceface
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24th February 2007

chaotic_vanity3:49pm: INSTANT STAR!
[20] Long and Winding Road Preview Icons (spoilers obviously)
[37] Lose Yourself Icons
[4] Lyricons from "I Don't Know If I Should Stay" by Alexz Johnson

1.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 2.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 3.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

  • Credit chaotic_graphix or chaotic_vanity.

  • Comments with what you're taking if you take, please.

  • Do not hotlink.

  • Please join the community if you like what you see! :)

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    Current Mood: creative

    28th January 2007

    chaotic_vanity5:08pm: icon meme // requests
    Choose a fandom and a number between 1 and 2105 and I'll make you an icon using the lyrics from the song and the fandom you chose.

    Fandoms to Choose from:
    Grey's Anatomy
    Ugly Betty
    Gilmore Girls
    Instant Star
    Harry Potter
    Current Mood: creative

    14th January 2007

    chaotic_vanity8:24pm: House!
    [5] From "Words and Deeds"

    Credit to chaotic_vanity or chaotic_graphix please.
    Comments are loved.

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    Probably some more later on :)
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    chaotic_vanity8:16pm: Harry Potter!
    [28]GoF Icons
    [13]OotP Icons

    Credit chaotic_vanity or chaotic_graphix, please.
    Comments are loved.

    baby, love will come through, it's just waiting for youCollapse )
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    1st October 2006

    chaotic_vanity12:00am: Been awhile! Too much busy-ness. Hell, I didn't even know that Photobucket changed so much =D Anyway.

    [41] Icons from House: S3E3 - "Informed Consent"

    Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    i'm proud of youCollapse )

    30th April 2006

    chaotic_vanity3:38am: 73 Icons
    Public Entry.

    [35] House Icons - Sleeping Dogs Lie
    [38] House Icons - House vs. God

    Comment chaotic_graphix or chaotic_vanity, please. Comments are nice.


    Sleeping Dogs LieCollapse )

    House vs. GodCollapse )
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    25th November 2020

    chaotic_vanity11:21pm: Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    Current Mood: calm
    chaotic_vanity11:14pm: Welcome to Chaotic_Graphix!

    Welcome to chaotic_graphix. This is the graphics community of chaotic_vanity.

    All graphics are made in Paint Shop Pro 9.

    Graphic Subjects Include:
    House, MD
    Instant Star
    Alexz Johnson
    Harry Potter
    Gilmore Girls

    Text Icons

    I'm always of course open to requests. If there is something you would like to see, let me know in this post.

    Tutorials will also be made on request, so if you see something you want to learn how to make, just ask!

    Be sure to COMMENT AND CREDIT if you take something I've made, unless I specifically say you do not have to. This will happen from time to time if I really hate something I've made.

    Also, please upload all images to your own server. I recommend either Photobucket or GreatestJournal

    My personal journal is chaotic_vanity. I will most definitely add anyone who asks. Just comment on my Friends Only post.
    I also have a GreatestJournal, which I am not too active on. You may still add me and I will add you back if you want. Its also chaotic_vanity

    Thanks and please join to see the graphics!
    Current Mood: busy
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